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Customer Service Training Services

Customizable, in-person customer service workshops & turn-key customer service training manual

Fully Customized, In-Person Customer Service Training Workshops

This is a customized training workshop, specific to your business's needs. A variety of assessments are conducted to determine how The VOICE Customer Service Training can best serve your organization. Delivered in a manner to encourage participation, attendees receive the most benefit. As your customer service consultant we will look at the entire customer service process and provide recommendations to improve the overall customer service experience.

Through a comprehensive training outline and 1/2 day participative training, your staff will come away with a renewed commitment to serving the customer.

How the program works:

Step 1: Phone consultation with management.  We conduct a complimentary phone consultation to find out what your organization's needs are and if we are a good fit for those needs.  We submit a proposal to your organization.

Step 2: Once our proposal is acepted, we conduct a face-to-face meeting to further assess your organization's customer service needs.  Sometimes we will recommend mystery shopper calls be conducted to further evaluate training needs.  We recommend a third party company for this process. Additionally, we can provide a self-assessment survey to participants prior to the training to find out from them what they think their training needs are.  This self-evaluation form is annonymous, so employees are willing to share their true thoughts.  In some cases our clients ask us to perform customer service surveys (phone and/or online).  The results we acquire in this step help customize the curriculum for the customer service training.

Step 3: After reviewing the assessment results with management, we decide on the best course of action for the customer service training.

Step 4: A customized customer service training program is developed and delivered by a professional trainer.  The training includes a professionally printed content outline workbook for each participant, role playing exercises, and other activities. It is delivered in a participative format to engage attendees.

Use our instant price quote calculator to find out how affordable a half-day, in-person customer service training workshop can be. Customer service training workshops can also be provided to groups of individuals from various businesses and customized to time constraints.  Contact us for a custom estimate.

Turn-key Customer Service Training Manual & Kit

Our turn-key trainer's customer service training manual and kit has all the training content you need to conduct your own customer service training program.  Our customer service training manual and kit is over 250 pages/slides and includes the following electronic documents:

  • an instructor's customer service training manual
  • an 88 page instructor script that follows the PowerPoint Presentation
  • editable PowerPoint Presentation exercises to make your training fun and participative
  • editable and printable content outline workbook
  • editable and printable certificate of completion template
  • editable and printable participant self-assessment form
  • editable and printable self-improvement form and more
  • 1-hour of phone consultation and/or editing time


Affordably priced at $597. For detailed information on what the customer service training manual and kit includes click here or, contact us.

Customer Service Phone Script Writing

By providing example phone scripts that are prepared for certain difficult to handle situations, employees can get through these calls with ease and professionalism. Phone scripts also deliver a consistent message to the customer regarding specific needs. Through working with the appropriate management staff, we develop phone scripts to fit any business. Contact us for a custom estimate. Quantity discounts available.

Phone Tree Consulting

As your customer service consultants, we also provide phone tree consulting.  Our process includes evaluating the current phone tree message, prioritization of the various types of calls based on available data, and providing a phone tree flowchart and scripts.  Contact us for a custom estimate.

Learn more about our Resource Partners that provide the tools needed to implement effective sales and customer service skills.


"The VOICE Customer Service Training has given us great advice to grow our business. One of the best pieces of advice was to get an answering service. We provide promotional products and when prospects call, they want to talk to someone right then and there. If we are not available to answer the phone, we could lose the sale and the prospect goes on to the next promotional products company on their list. Contracting with an answering service has paid for itself many times over and produced thousands of dollars in additional revenue."

Suzanne Mitchell
Zamar Screen Printing, Inc.

It's A Fact

It is 6-7 times more costly to gain a new customer than it is to retain an existing one.

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