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Business-to-Business Sales Training

Improve your sales now!

This is not your typical high-priced sales training program that goes on for months.  In this three hour class, we cut to the chase and provide real techniques that you and your staff can implement immediately to improve sales.

Often times when we start working with our clients, we notice three main areas why sales are lacking:

  1. Lack of a plan
  2. Lack of customer service skills - including follow-up and follow through
  3. Lack of time

If you or your staff is experiencing any of the following, our class is just right:

  • Frustration due to a lack of time to make sales calls and/or follow ups
  • Fear of the prospect's rejection
  • Worry about coming off too pushy
  • Apprehension about networking due to prior lack of results
  • Uncertainty about what makes your product or service different and better
  • Concern you are not getting referrals from clients or professional referral partners
  • Worry about getting the sales round around

In our three hour class we will cover the following topics with you and your staff:

  • What makes your product or service different and better from the competition to give you confidence in your sales presentation
  • How to make a great first impression to get the sales call off on the right foot so the prospect is engaged and you won't get the run around
  • How customer service impacts sales, word-of-mouth advertising and referrals
  • When and how to ask for referral and online reviews
  • Who your professional referral partners are and how to develop those relationships to produce more referrals.  You'll receive a tutorial on how to use an amazing software system called 22Touch.  22Touch makes staying top-of-mind with referral partners and clients both efficient and effective.
  • How to get organized and make a sales plan
  • Sales skill basics from having a proper introduction to handling objections and asking for the close.
  • How to follow up and follow through to not come off too pushy
  • How to not only network correctly, but how to know what networking events are right for you.

Click here for a training outline.

Learn more about 22Touch

Single company/one-on-one workshop price: ONLY $1,250 with up to 10 attendees from your company. Our out-of-the-box sales training is a three hour class and is delivered on-site with you and your staff.  It includes one hour of customization, includes up to 10 workbooks, self-improvement plans and certificates of completion.  

Learn more about our Resource Partners that provide the tools needed to implement effective sales and customer service skills.


"Beth is extremely professional and knowledgeable. One of the biggest challenges for customer service oriented businesses is dealing with difficult customers. Beth addressed this problem in depth, tailored specifically for our business. "

Sue Carlton, Technology Support Services Manager
Denver Museum of Nature & Science

It's A Fact

44% of unhappy customers will tell someone else, but won't tell you. 13% will tell 20 or more people. But, with social media and online reviews, the reach is far greater!